What you will find on this page is, some history about Milburn, places to shop and eat, things to do and school information.

Milburn, Oklahoma


Why Milburn


The Milburn area  in Johnston County Oklahoma is a great place to live, raise kids, retire, work, hunt and fish.  Our  residents make great things happen like greeting visitors and locals in their shops,  to lending a hand when a neighbor is in need.

Oklahoma Communities in Johnston county that are all within 10-20 minutes of the city of Milburn include:  Tishomingo, Coleman, Wapanuka, Nida, and Bromide. You'll find great school system in Milburn as well as Tishomingo, Coleman, and Wapanuka. Plus, Murray State College in close by in Tishomingo. Murray state is well known for it's nursing program, Gunsmithing school, Vet Tech program, School of Business.

About Milburn

Lying at the junction of State Highway 48A and State Highway 78, Milburn is located in Johnston County, eight miles east of Tishomingo. The area stood in the Chickasaw Nation after 1855, and a community named Ellen formed approximately three miles northwest of the present town. As the Western Oklahoma Railroad, which became the Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad, planned to lay tracks through the vicinity, a townsite initiative emerged. Richard McLish served as a townsite agent for the railroad and was to develop the village. W. J. Milburn, a druggist from Emet and later a state representative, persuaded the Chickasaw landowner, M. C. Condon, to give Milburn power of attorney. Milburn planned to control the town's development or negotiate it with the railroad. From early 1901 until May 1902 several legal and physical maneuvers occurred between the parties over the ownership of the land or portions of land, with Condon selling his interests to Milburn.

During that period the town had many names. The railroad considered Morris, but decided to call the site McLish. Condon suggested the name Blue, the name used by the U.S. Department of Interior in 1902. Milburn urged the Ellen postmaster, W. H. Nichols, to petition to rename the Ellen post office and move it to the railroad townsite. The first name submitted was Condon, but the Post Office Department rejected it, and the name became Milburn in August 1901. Until the railroad and W. J. Milburn reached a settlement in May 1902 the post office was Milburn and the railroad depot was McLish.

In August 1902 Mark Kirkpatrick surveyed the townsite, which the Department of Interior approved. The town had a sufficient population by June 1904 to incorporate. The Chickasaw Townsite Commission held a lot sale in August 1904. After 1907 statehood, Milburn and three other towns vied for the Johnston County seat. Milburn finished second behind Tishomingo. The community had a subscription school until 1905–06 when it became public. By 1910 the town's population stood at 438. In 1911 two banks, a newspaper, the Milburn News, a lumber company, four doctors, two drugstores, and several retail outlets served the villagers and area farmers. Several local cotton gins, cotton buyers, and livestock speculators thrived in the early twentieth century. Other early newspapers included the Herald-Banner and the Milburn Mirror.

As Oklahoma's cotton industry declined after World War I, area farmers dispersed, stunting the town's development. The population declined from 496 in 1920 to 442 in 1940. In 1938 the railroad abandoned the local line. By 1946 Milburn had a drugstore, several grocery stores and gas stations, and a photographer. In 1960 the town reached a low of 228. Milburn slowly regained population, with 275 residents in 1970 and 376 in 1980. In 1987 a newly constructed city hall and fire station opened. By 2000 the prekindergarten-through-twelfth-grade school had an enrollment of 241, and the town's population was 312.

Places to Shop, Eat and See


While Milburn is a small quaint town it's community is what keeps it going.  You’ll want to visit the Chickasaw White House just South of Milburn and the Chickasaw Information Center is just down main street in Tishimingo.  There is an awesome family care clinic that is right in the middle of town. They will take care of you!  For a quick bite on the go or to mingle with some of the older members in the community just go right across the street to the Milburn Express.

With just a short drive to Tishomingo, you can find great food and shopping in the downtown area.  There is Blake Shelton's restaurant Ole Reds, they have amazing food, drinks and occasional live performances.  My favorite there is the brisket tacos.  For a taste of Mexican food Gonzalez's has you covered and they have awesome fajitas. If you go to Cousins dinner you may catch a few of the local men playing dominoes in the corner.  The hamburgers there are amazing, it's a great place to go for lunch time.

For some shopping and relaxation there is Spa 211 to help you relax.  After visiting there just head down main street and you'll find some great shops.   At Nikoles Country store, you can shop, try some snacks, food and buy everything that you love.  The  Ruby ranch , Kedford Kids had everything you need to from the outfit to shoes and accessories.

Having property in Milburn, Oklahoma has you far enough away but close enough to the things you need.

Things to do


This is exactly why outdoor activities will make you want to find property for sale in Milburn, Oklahoma…  For hikers, bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts, Milburn offers many opportunities to get your fill of nature.  If you enjoy hunting, you’ll find some great public hunting land in Johnston County.  You can just buy acreage of your own for hunting, camping and relaxing! Just think you can have your hunting land or fishing pond in your own backyard.

Fishing and bird watching on Lake Texoma is especially sweet just east of Tishomingo at Murray 23.  You’ll want to check out the fishing dock they’ve added.  Duck hunting in the area is great, too!  There’s a slew West of Tishomingo in Washita arm of the Tishomingo Wildlife Refuge for public duck hunting. There’s also a gun range at Murray State College in Tishomingo to sharpen those shooting skills.  For trout fishing, there’s nothing better than Blue River public fishing and hunting areas just South of Milburn!

During trout season the Wildlife department stocks trout every couple of weeks. Late Summer, they stock catfish!!!

Many people who come to our neck of the woods start out coming for what they think is a one time fishing or hunting trip. They soon ‘catch’ the fever and find themselves looking for property for sale in Milburn, Oklahoma! I’ve helped many people in this situation find their own acreage where they can invite family and friends to make memories that last a life time.

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School Information


Milburn Elementary school

Grades K-8th

201 E Grand, Milburn, OK


High School

Milburn High School

Grades 9th-12th

201 E Grand, Milburn, OK


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