Before Buying Your Home or Land

Know Your Score

Knowing your credit score before going to the Bank.

Knowing your Credit Score will save the heartbreak from the banks.  You can check it at for free or once a year directly from the Credit Bureaus.  

Mortgage Calculator

Know what you're getting into before you buy.

Know your budget  and what kind of mortgage you plan on having.  Interest matters! 

Be Realistic


So, after checking your score and getting an idea what you can afford mortgage wise.  BE REALISTIC.   We will work hard to find what you want within your budget.

Things to Consider when Buying Land


First and Foremost what is your plan for the land. Are you able to pay cash or do you need to finance it.   Are you planning to use it as farming, cattle or building. What is the area surrounding the land like.  Is the soil good for growing or building.  If you plan on building some things you might want to consider that will make a difference the cost. 1. Are you going to have access to utilities such as water or electric.  2.  Does the property drain water easily or is in a flood zone. 

Dos and Don'ts of Buying Land


  • DON'T over look inexpensive homes on land that can be a fixer upper, the house and land can sometimes be listed for less than the value of the land 
  • DO investigate restrictions on property.
  • DON'T count on having the property rezoned after buying it.
  • DO have environmental testing done on land that's not already a part of an existing development.
  • DO check out the for drawbacks.
  • Don't forget about natural hazards such as fault lines and flood zones.

Source Glenda Taylor, 10 tips for buying land. Bob Villa.

Ask Questions


Ask questions and don't assume.  My job is to make sure you buy educated.  

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